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Are Organizing the First International Conference

Under the Patronage of His Majesty King ABDULLAH IIThe Jordan Library and Information Association (J...

المجلة الاردنية للمكتبات والمعلومات

  صدور العدد الرابع من المجلد الرابع والخمسونللمجلة الأردنية للمكتبات والمعلومات لعام 2019م   ...

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دور المكتبات في دحر الكورونا


الدكتور نجيب الشربجي، رئيس جمعية المكتبات و المعلومات الأردنية يلقي محاضرة بعنوان "دور جمعيات المكتبات و المعلومات وقت الأزمات"

  في إطار التعاون المشترك بين كل من جمعية المكتبات و المعلومات الأردنية، و جمعية المكتبات و المعل...

  • Are Organizing the First International Conference

  • المجلة الاردنية للمكتبات والمعلومات

  • latest News

  • دور المكتبات في دحر الكورونا

  • الدكتور نجيب الشربجي، رئيس جمعية المكتبات و المعلومات الأردنية يلقي محاضرة بعنوان "دور جمعيات المكتبات و المعلومات وقت الأزمات"

The Founding Committee


The Founding Committee

(Those who signed the application of JLIA to the Government in December 1963):

· Mahmoud El-Akhras

· Farouq Mo'az

· Hanneh Majaj

· Haifa Sharaiheh

· Fowzy Ghandour

· Sa'id Al-Hindy

· Saydeh Shukry Kitlow


The General Assembly

The GA is the supreme authority of JLIA. The GA draws the general policy of the Association and sees for the implementation of this policy. The GA comprises all acting individual members who paid their annual subscription dues, and fulfilled their financial obligations towards the Association prior to the annual meeting of GA .

The GA assembles in its annual regular meeting at the end of the first year of the Administrative Board who submits its annual administrative report, and annual financial report. The GA discusses these reports and approve the projected estimated budget.

At the end of the second year the GA assembles to hear the annual report and the administrative annual financial report . The GA elects the financial auditors, and approves the projected estimated budget . In this meeting the GA elects the Administrative Board.

The GA may confer in extraordinary meetings in the following certain circumstances:

· Upon a decision of the Administrative Board.

· Upon the request of the absolute majority of the GA.

The General Assembly main responsibilities are:

1. Electing the president and members of the AB.

2. Electing the financial auditor who should not be member of the AB.

3. Discussing reports and suggestions, submitted by the AB, and monitor its execution.

4. Amending the JLIA by–laws

5. Withholding the confidence from the Administrative Board by the majority of tow-thirds of its members at least.

6. Discussing and approving the projected annual budget.

7. Any other items or issues on the agenda.

The Administrative Board

- The Association is run by an Administrative Board comprises the president and six members elected in a secret ballot by the GA, for tow years. Reelection two the AB is admissible.

- The AB is the executive authority to implement the general policy adopted by the GA and all its decisions.

In particular the AB carries out the followings:

a. Executing the internal relations of the Association including supervising the activites of the members.

b. Executing the external affairs and relations.

c. Administering the cultural and social projects.

d. Managing of the Association main central office, and offices of the branches if available.

e. Developing the technical, financial, and administrative staff. In this capacity the AB may sign contracts with technical and other employees.

f. Looking after members' affairs in regions where no branches exist.

g. Representing JLIA in front of different governmental, private and legal bodies.

The Executive Office

The Executive Office comprises the President, the Vice – President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. The Executive Board elects in its first meeting by secret ballot, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

* **

The President is elected directly by a secret ballot at the General Assembly meeting.

Members who wish to place themselves as candidates for the Presidency should fulfill the following conditions:

- Being an active member for a minimum period of 10 years.

- Being a professional qualified librarian.

- Being a member of the Administrative Board for a minimum of one complete session.

- Fulfilling the financial obligation as stated in the By–Law.

Candidates for the Administrative Board should fulfill the following conditions:

- Being an active member for a minimum period of five years.

- Fulfilling the financial obligations as stated in the By-Law.